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Decisions, decisions, decisions...

With your recent engagement, I'm sure you’re deep in the decision-making process planning your dream wedding—location, venue, cake, dress, invites, you name it (and don't forget the Honeymoon)! 

Your wedding IS a priority, but so is your HONEYMOON.  It's not just another vacation... truth be told, it's anything but.

I don't have to tell you that your honeymoon represents the opening pages of your beautiful new chapter together … instead of just an afterthought to the wedding, because you already know that!


Now... add in the uncertainties around Coronavirus and there's even more to consider.  Will I be able to have the wedding and honeymoon of my dreams?  Who will be able to attend?  What does it all look like?  And so many more questions.

While I am not the right person to help you navigate a local wedding.  I am the right person to help you navigate a luxury honeymoon that takes you afar, even during uncertain times.

Whether you are holding off on the honeymoon, or ready to go right now!  Well, as soon as travel opens back up.  Here's how you can get started!

  • First, take the quiz below, to find out which Top Luxury Destination is the perfect match for you!​​

  • Second, dream to your heart's content!  Sit back and watch it all play out

  • Last, don't settle!  Make it special, make it memorable, but most of all, make it your own!

After you complete the quiz, you will immediately receive a destination guide (of your perfect match), along with personalized recommendations from a seasoned travel professional.  Yes, I've added my years of experience, first-hand destination insight, and tailored it for the most amazing honeymoon!

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