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  • What does a travel advisor actually do?
    That depends on the travel advisor! I know, however, that many couples have never worked with a travel advisor before working with one on their honeymoon or celebration trip (because it’s not just a run-of-the-mill vacation), so this is a big question. Here’s what I do: my job is to learn about your dream trip and budget — as well as your personalities and interests — and design a one-in-a-million escape around that.
  • Stephanie, why should I choose YOU?"
    I live and breathe celebration and bucket list trips, and I’ve been helping time-starved couples and families plan their own for the past 12 years. That means I’ve got the know-how and the connections (this is big when it comes to getting you top service) to bring your travel dream to life. I also hold travel certifications in top destinations, including Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe, as well as resort brands like Conrad, Relais & Châteaux, and AM Resorts. But perhaps the most important thing you need to know is this — I’m there for you every step of the journey, just a phone call or email away. Instead of dealing with the frustrations of online booking engines (and their practically non-existent customer service), you have a real, live travel expert to make sure every detail is cared for.
  • Isn’t working with a travel advisor more expensive than DIYing my trip by myself?
    Typically, no. Since I know the popular destinations so well, I can help you find the best fit for your budget without compromising on quality. In fact, working with a travel advisor may actually get you a few extra perks, like late check out or champagne waiting for you in your room! If you’re more concerned with getting a cheap deal, no matter the experience, it’s probably better to DIY so you can piece together something low budget that works for you.
  • What does working with you look like?
    We start by “Defining Your Dream”. Every client relationship starts with a consultation call, where we get to see if we’re a good fit for one another. Then, after taking care of the planning fee, I’ll start preparing suggested itineraries based on our conversation and your interests. We’ll refine one itinerary until it’s “the one.” At this point, you get to sit back and relax as I take care of all the behind-the-scenes booking details. If you have any more questions about how this works, I’d be more than happy to answer them on a consultation call! More details can be found on my Services Page.
  • What parts of the itinerary can you help with?
    The littlest details make up the grandest escapes! My goal is to provide you with a seamless, yet logically planned itinerary, that is personalized and customized to your individual wants. All so you can celebrate life’s special moments with complete peace of mind. From researching travel options to reaching out to the hotel concierge, from arranging flights to arranging for a bottle of champagne to greet you in your room, I make sure every element of your travel journey has been carefully considered and completely customized. Because the best celebrations are the ones that have “you” written all over them.
  • How can I book on your website?
    You don’t! SC Travel Design is not a booking site. We are much more than that! You work with Stephanie, a seasoned luxury travel designer, who is flat-out obsessed with travel. Each itinerary she designs is crafted with your likes, dislikes, interests and preferences in mind. Taking your ideas, vision and dreams and turning that into a trip of a lifetime. Like a Michelin-starred chef, you’ll be presented with a curated menu of options, so you can trust that you’re only choosing from the best of the best. (As opposed to flipping page after page of a never-ending diner menu — that’s what it’s like trying to plan a special vacation using just the internet!).
  • Do you have a minimum budget requirement?
    At this time I am accepting new clients with a minimum budget of $6,000 per couple. There are times that I will make an exception, however, these may be subject to an additional Trip Design Fee added to the booking.
  • How do we know what documentation is required to travel?
    During your consultation call, Stephanie will discuss these requirements with you. To ensure you are aware of passports, Visas, or other required documents prior to booking your trip. And how to obtain those, if needed.
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