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48 Hours on Hamilton Island, Australia

If you haven't heard of Hamilton Island or the Whitsunday Islands you are in for an absolute treat!

Celebrities like Oprah, Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others love this paradise. Flocking to the tropical oasis to escape the everyday. This island off the coast of mainland Australia is not just a haven for celebs, it's also very popular with all vacationers.

Whether it's an everyday getaway, honeymoon, anniversary or milestone celebration, family vacation, friendmoon and more! "Hamo" (as the locals refer to it) has something for everyone in many budget ranges.

Now, where is this paradise located? Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands, located in Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 550 miles north of Brisbane and 320 miles south of Cairns, off the east coast of Australia.

48 Hours on Hamilton Island just isn't enough. As soon as your arrive you feel this sense of peace, the weight of life stresses quickly lifted off your shoulders. The soft breeze, smell of salty air and the anticipation of the treat that awaits, makes the journey all worth while. You will soon fall into the relaxed and casual, yet simple elegance that "Hamo" is.

The saying goes a "picture is worth a thousand words" so several pictures should be worth several thousand words. Correct? I may not know that many words but I would venture that between all of us we can come up with some amazing descriptors and emotions for this destination.

In addition to its beauty, there is SO much more to Hamilton Island than what is seen in these photos.

Waiting for you are mouth-watering culinary experiences, indulging spas, the cutest wildlife encounters, adventure activities, luxurious accommodations, remote beaches, reef experiences and more! It's most certainly worth a spot on your bucket list! Pairing this with your adventures around Australia makes a nice break in a busy schedule.

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