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World's Best Destinations with Overwater Bungalows

luxury overwater bungalow bora bora

Who doesn't dream of taking a week's long vacation (or more) in the laps of luxury?  If the water color isn't mesmerizing enough, how about a large "villa" perched over the insanely blue water?

French Polynesia Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia (also known as Tahiti) has a grand list of fantastic hotel options across many of her islands.  Ranging from more moderate to the ultra-luxury, you will find a nice variety of overwater bungalows on the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Taha'a, Huahine, and more.

The most popular island of the group is Bora Bora, known as the crown jewel of the South Pacific.  It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and a perfect location to build overwater "huts" inside the calm lagoon.  They are far from huts, trust me.  My #1 tip, and what I feel is the best way to get the most from your time in Tahiti, consider island hopping to get a more robust experience.  Each island is unique and offers something different and exciting.

Maldives Head the opposite direction to the Indian Ocean, lying between Indonesia and Africa, you'll find a group of the most stunning atolls and islands in the world.  Very different from the topography and landscape of French Polynesia, the Maldives is the world's lowest-lying nation at just 4 feet above sea level.  Here you can experience a number of overwater accommodations, ranging from moderate to the ultra-luxurious.  

Resort hop, or choose to stay in one location the entire time with multiple stunning options throughout the Northern, Central and Southern Maldives.  You can't go wrong.  The Maldives is truly a place of bliss, peace, and relaxation.  My top tip here will depend on your length of stay.  If you have limited time then stay in one location.  If you have more than a week, splitting your time between two areas will enhance your experience.

Caribbean & Mexico The last several years has seen this area enter into the overwater bungalow realm.  With a couple of options in Jamaica, St. Lucia and Mexico, these resorts are perfect for those short on time and want to splurge for a quick getaway.  I love that these are also within all-inclusive resorts that are adults-only, making it a fully packaged vacation option.

My top tip here, book early!  There are so few of these available and they do sell out well in advance.

As this type of accommodation and vacation experience continues to grow in popularity, we will see more and more overwater options emerge. 

The key to selecting the best option for your celebration is knowing what each option offers you and figuring out the one that fits best.  Let's face it... they are ALL gorgeous, they are ALL stunning and in full transparency, who wouldn't want to vacation to any of these locations!  However, as with any online viewing, your perception can be skewed by what is not said, by what is not seen or explained about the destination, the island or the hotel.  Those are the little things that make a difference between an okay experience and an extraordinary one.  I'm going for the extraordinary.  Not only for me but for you as well.

Interested in learning more details to see which is right for your big celebration?  Contact me at any time to discuss it.

How can we get started? When you are ready to start planning your overwater bungalow vacation, contact me right away.  These types of accommodations are limited and do book up well in advance of traveling. 

Give yourself an experience of a lifetime as we create the perfect vacation for you. It begins with scheduling your complimentary trip design session.  Click here to request a time for us to talk. We'll discuss the details and what you are looking for in your dream vacation. I'll give you my suggestions and explain how we can best work together to plan the vacation of your dreams.

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