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Honeymoon Style, it may not be something you have ever thought of, but everyone has one.

So what is it exactly and how can you discover yours? With so many options, deciding on a honeymoon can quickly become confusing and overwhelming, and in some cases and all-out stress fess.

When talking about “style”, I am not referring to current fashion trends and what you should wear. Rather, I am talking about the type of honeymoon (travel) that fits you best. A honeymoon "personality" if you will. We can best define this by looking at a few groups or categories of travel.

Today, couples are opting for something new, exciting, unique and different from the typical type of vacation they've experienced in the past. They are looking to experience destinations they have never been to before, and seeking more of an upscale, unique and authentic experience. They are looking for those "bragging rights" so to speak, while also seeking the best fit for their personal preferences.

So how do you know what your preferences are? Your honeymoon style? Let's take a look at a few traits for the 6 categories below and see if these spark an interest or resonate with you.

Classic Beach Bum

This style is probably the easiest to define. The Beach Bum couple is looking for total relaxation Spending the day lounging on a pristine beach in a tropical locale or by a resort-style pool and swim-up bar. Dining each evening with a variety of cuisines to choose from, and then taking a romantic stroll on a moonlit beach after experiencing a variety of local culture and entertainment options provided by the resort. They also enjoy water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating. Sprinkle in some land activities such as shopping, visiting local towns, cultural sights and they have found the perfect place.

Common destinations would be, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Romantic Escapist

This couple simply wants to escape! Go off the grid so to speak. Disconnect and really get away from the more touristy destinations and large, crowded resorts. They are looking for isolation, small and intimate resorts that offer more unique accommodations. Having options for activities is still very important but this couple is also looking to be pampered, spoiled and really soak in the peace, serenity, natural beauty, and local culture.

Destinations include Tahiti, Fiji, Maldives, Bali, Greek Isles, and the Cook Islands.

Energetic Adventurist

This couple is very active and is looking for a good variety of adventure options. Although not limited to, these are some very popular activities, hiking, biking, zip lines, scuba diving, rock climbing, white water rafting, rappelling, kayaking, surfing and more. The Adventurous couple are thrill-seekers in varying degrees and would like a good combination of activities available to them as well as a wide range of accommodations to choose from.

Destinations to this type would include Costa Rica, Hawaii, Alaska, African Safari, Australia, and New Zealand.

Wine & Food Enthusiast

This couple is all about the culinary experience as they travel. Food and wine is very important to them and it's most likely a top "must-have". Foodies enjoy fine wines, authentic cuisine and the ability to sample new dishes not available in their daily lives. For this couple, the food IS the destination and they are willing to be a bit more adventurous in this area.

Destinations with this flavor would be Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Istanbul, Auckland, Melbourne, and Florence.

World Culture & History Buff

This couple loves to explore old-world culture, medieval towns, and cities, experiencing history first hand rather than through books. They really enjoy learning from local tour guides who bring each particular sight to life, explaining the sequence of events and stories behind a specific region, building or monument. They also have an interest in art, architecture, and museums.

Destinations here would include Italy, France, England, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and Peru.

Leisurely Explorer

This couple likes to be on the go but not necessarily looking for active/adventure type activities. Explorers are more interested in having the freedom to discover all of the little towns, dining and entertainment options in a region, and really enjoying their local surroundings without feeling tied to a tour group or guided tour. They prefer to be centrally located and within walking distance to the local attractions or have their own mode of transportation and a good map or guide book. They are quite accustomed to traveling and are comfortable exploring independently.

Destinations include Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Sydney, Barcelona, and Maui.

With the above frails in mind, what steps can you lake to discover your Honeymoon Style or personality?

The process is rather simple. It just takes a little pre-planning and fact-finding before delving info specific destinations. I recommend as a couple that you sit down together, or independently (compare notes after), and answer some very specific yet fundamental questions.

  • What is the purpose of this vacation?

  • What are your interests?

  • What activities do you enjoy or would you like to try on your honeymoon?

  • What are your expectations?

  • Is there something(s) specific that you must have? If so be sure to list those items as a top priority.

  • How do you plan to spend your lime? Do you want to be active, or relax and be pampered? Are you looking to explore history and culture, try new cuisine? Or maybe a combination of these.

  • What kind of personality do you have as a couple? Are you shy, a more keep to yourself type couple and prefer to explore on your own? Or are you more outgoing and like to be around other couples with similar interests?

  • What is on your bucket list? Do you have a bucket list? If not, this would be a great time to start one!

  • What are you most excited about?

  • When you return and are sharing photos and stories with your friends and family, what do you want to tell them?

The answers to these questions will guide you to the honeymoon that is the most ideal. Once you discover your style, the next step is to look at destinations that match that style best and build the details from there.

Pro Tip: I highly recommend taking advantage of the services of a travel professional. Not just because I am one, but for the simple reason that they can help guide and assist with this process in a number of ways that no website can, and no crowdsourcing can.

When searching for a Travel Professional, look for someone who specializes in the type of travel or destination you are interested in. An experienced professional has visited and is familiar with the destinations and can offer first-hand experience and recommendations.

Additionally, they can help you with all the details, big and small, to provide for the least amount of stress and confusion. They have literally been there, know what not to do and how to find the best a destination has to offer, so you can truly just pack, and have the time of your life!

Take our Honeymoon Quiz (click below) and see which Top Luxury Destination Fits Your Personality Best!

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