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Six Best Places for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

UP, UP, and AWAY!

This isn't a second showing of the Disney movie "UP", although it is one of my favorite Disney movies.

It is all up in the air though... Hot air ballooning that is. It's been around for centuries. The very first ballon ride was in 1783 over Versailles! However, this activity has caught the attention of many in recent years. As a hobby, sport, festival, or if only to have an upfront seat to the most spectacular views from above, there are many ridiculously beautiful places around the world to catch a hot air ballon ride, and a postcard perfect view.

Some of the most amazing views can be seen from above.  Views that cannot be observed from ground level. We most frequently see them when we are flying.  Commercial jet, smaller plane, helicopter and hot air balloon.  All providing us with a different perspective. The increased use of drones over the past several years have given us some views to die for!  However, nothing.  I repeat that, nothing, beats seeing the incredible landscape with your own eyes!  The colors, the smells, the sounds, the depth of the landscape, the feeling in the air.  All of your senses are activated.  The images are sure to be etched in your mind forever!

In no particular order, here are 6 of the best places to take a hot air balloon ride around the world.

Loire Valley, France - Breeze over castles and rolling hills in this area of France located approximately 200 miles from Paris. It's home to many orchards and vineyards. Catch glimpses of historic towns, countryside and hundreds of castles and manor houses.

Cappadocia, Turkey - Right out of a fairytale! This central region of Turkey with striking limestone pillars, dotted with churches and dwellings etched in the rock, is the perfect place to fly! There is no grandeur view than this one.

Queenstown, New Zealand - Take a break from the adventure capital and opt for a jaw-dropping view of Middle-Earth. Many scenes in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were filmed here, and you have the opportunity to get a birds-eye view of it.

Serengeti National Park - Sunrise over the Serengeti! Catch herds of wildlife. Some of the most beautiful creatures on earth, seen from above. Zebra, hippos, lions and giraffes.

Bagan, Myanmar - If anythings leaves you awe-inspired, this will. With the sun's golden rays lighting up more than 4,000 pagodas and temples, it is a sight of enchanting landscape like no other.

Yarra Valley, Australia - The Yarra Valley is one of Australia's very first wine regions. Soak in unobstructed views over the Yarra River and rolling hills of vineyards and wineries. The occasional kangaroo may hop around just below.

Ready to take the most your breathtaking balloon ride of your life! Contact me and I'll help you select the right location for you!

Schedule your complimentary Trip Design Session and let's get started customizing your next adventure!


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