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5 European Beach Destinations to Rekindle the Romance

It's Valentine's Day! No... I'm not kidding. It's literally February 14, 2020, as I'm posting this week's article and love is in the air! I can feel it through and through. It's been in the air all week, all month and will be for months to come! Can you feel it too?

Before I go any further, I must come clean. Confession time. I was originally going to take this article in a totally different direction. I wanted to go deep, maybe even a little heavy, and then decided not to, at least for right now. I'll save it for another time and keep it light, airy and focused all around love during this Valentine's week.

With summer quickly approaching... I see many new chapters blooming for couples and families. Most weddings take place during the summer months. Using my reasoning mind, many anniversary celebrations as well.

First, though, let's talk about who may be in need of some rekindling, also known as a romance reboot. Is this you, or someone you know?

  • Busy couples, with busy lives. Juggling the pressures of work-life, kids' school and activities schedules, the art of doing it all isn't always so pretty. I feel you there and can totally relate.

  • Maybe it's the now empty-nester couple whose kids have all left the home and are leading their own lives. While they continue to show they outside world that they have it all together, yet are battling a little bit of depression and finding their new "normal" in the home.

  • Quite possibly a couple who has drifted apart over the years, for whatever reason, and not sure if their marriage can be repaired, or is even worth the effort to repair.

  • And how about the engaged couple, planning the wedding they've always dreamed of, while finishing college, starting a new career away from their life-long friends.

There are many types of couples who desperately need a romantic escape in their lives. It's healthy to release and reset, and one of the best ways to fall in love all over again!

If this sounds like you, keep reading. You are exactly who I wrote this for.

Away from the hustle and bustle, crowded, touristy destinations. A nice dose of respite in a beautiful locale is just what the travel doctor ordered.

Here are five (5) European beach destinations to help you rekindle the romance and the love you know is hiding in plain sight at home.

santorini greece oia

Santorini, Greece

It may not be the top "beach" destination that comes to mind, believe me when this island delivers well beyond the beach! It's a true retreat, a sanctuary. With all of the hotels on the island small in nature, you will feel like you're there alone, yet close to all the amenities and conveniences we crave when on vacation.

Nestled at the top of a cliff, overlooking the well-known caldera, Santorini is a true lovers paradise. So many ways to spend your day. A true island paradise with no big city noise. Stroll down cobblestone streets, visiting local shops, boutiques, and cafes. Visit a local restaurant for a glass of wine, ready for the nature-made movie that is a sunset of all sunsets!

crete greece

Crete, Greece

The largest island in Greece, Crete is known for its varied landscape and the birthplace of Zeus. From the white, fine-powdered beaches, to the rugged peaks of the White Mountains. Scattered with amazing beaches around the island, Crete rivals that of a Caribbean island. Crystal-clear, tropical waters (minus the sharks), infamous beaches such as Elafonisi, Balos, and Agia Roumeli will leave you yearning to see more!

Combine that with authentic Greek cuisine (mouth-watering for sure) and the warm hospitality of the local Cretans, you are destined for romantic affair for the books!

positano italy

Positano, Italy

Possibly the most well-known town within the Amalfi Coast, Positano is truly breathtaking. A sophisticated cliffside village with steep winding streets lined with boutiques and cafes. Couples from all walks of life stay here to experience the exquisite beauty, culture, and cuisine. It's been the backdrop of many movies, such as Under the Tuscan Sun, Only You, and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Steeped in history. Unbelievable views around every turn (literally). Magnificent boutique hotels designed to anticipate your every need. Ripe with elements that you can't find at home. Positano (and the Amalfi Coast) is as romantic as it gets. Take a closer look and you'll soon discover why it's a top destination for couples.

canary islands tenerife

Canary Islands, Spain

Rugged, volcanic islands boasting both white and black sand beaches, located just off the northwestern coast of Africa, lies the Spanish archipelago known as the Canary Islands. Tenerife is the largest of the islands and a great location for couples who want to have it all. However, if you're wanting to avoid crowds and tourists, this may not be the island for you. Lanzarote is more relaxed, as is Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. All perfect for embracing a disconnected, luxury, romantic vacation. These island are the "hidden gems" of the Canary Islands. Each offering a different type of experience. Island hopping is a great way to get the best of all worlds!

Within the Canary Islands you can visit lush forests, visit a coveted UNESCO biosphere reserve, stroll through local towns where the streets tell stories of the past, go stargazing, hiking, or whale watching. Craving some pampering? Visit a wellness center or spa offering relaxing and healing treatments. Have a taste for amazing cuisine? You've covered here too. With amazing local wineries and wine cellars, cheese factories, and "guachinches".

hvar croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Claiming to be the sunniest spot in all of Europe, the island of Hvar is perfect for those wanting a beach destination, without the crowds. Petite, quaint and full of richness, this island is ripe with so many things.

With the vast fields of lavender, ancient olive trees, and vineyards, the island of Hvar is considered the queen of the Croatian islands. This is a place to truly indulge, let go, and breathe in all that the island offers! Explore some of the island's best beaches, rent a car for the day to find hidden gems around the island, stroll through the old streets of Stari Grad, dine at top restaurants, sample Hvar's finest wine, venture through "Little Venice", or enjoy a stunning summer sunset. This and more make the perfect romantic getaway.

Of course, there are many other options for a romantic beach vacation all around the world. I wanted to share these 5 with you. Options that are less crowded, less touristy and off the beaten path.

Which one made it to the top for your next couple's vacation?

If you are in need of a little romance reboot, reach out. I'd love to help create the perfect vacation for you and your significant other. Realizing how important it is, I am here to be of service. To ensure your getaway is exactly what you're looking for (and hopefully more)! Let's chat soon!


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