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Rome's Most Romantic Hotels

From Rooftop Bars at Sunset to Room Service

Rome... The Eternal City. Well known for its impact and strong presence in shaping world history. There are centuries of history, religion and culture that can be seen and felt everywhere! From gladiators, emperors, ruins, baths, and religion to art, architecture, fountains and statues. Envisioning all that took place in this very location over several hundred years (and how they accomplished it all) is mind-blowing.

If you've ever dreamed of stepping back into ancient history, Rome is probably one city at the top of your list. While it's deeply seated in history, there are just as many modern elements of romance sprinkled throughout. For those looking for the perfect mix of both, Rome may just be an exceptional choice.

In addition to the sights and activities around the city, here are a few of my favorite, romantic hotels that will enhance your stay very nicely. Perfect location, impeccable service, comfortable accommodations, impressive amenities and breathtaking views! That's just some of what these incredible hotels have to offer.

Hassler Roma

Picture perfect location! Hotel Hassler Roma, is an icon, one of the world’s most prestigious hotels, and stands in the heart of Rome at the top of the famous Spanish Steps. Elegance, style, and the highest quality of service have made the Hassler the very symbol of international hospitality … and it continues to be the preferred destination of VIPs all over the globe. Ninety-two rooms and suites, each uniquely and beautifully decorated, offer unparalleled city or lovely courtyard views. Savor fine fare in one of five stunning venues, including Michelin-starred restaurant Imàgo.

Hotel Fortyseven

Fortyseven is a modern masterpiece in the heart of the Eternal City. This architectural marvel – on each of its five elegant floors – pays homage to a different master of modern art: Mastroianni, Greco, Modigliani, Quagliata, and Guccione. Its 61 guest accommodations are havens of comfort and style, adorned with pale woods, smooth marble, and breathtaking views. The lushly landscaped Circus rooftop restaurant and bar is a perfect sunset spot for sipping cocktails and dining.

Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Small and luxurious, the elegant, early 20th-century villa owned by an aristocratic Italian family, is an intimate hideaway perfectly placed to experience Rome. With 16 individually appointed rooms and suites, the hotel retains the privileged ambiance of a bespoke residence and offers guests a relaxed air of discretion. Enjoy breathtaking views from the Rooftop Garden. Admire the lovely gardens while relaxing on the sun terrace. Read in the wood-paneled library or indulge in a spa treatment before sipping an aperitif from the complimentary honesty bar in the sumptuous drawing room.

Hotel Locarna Roma

The charming Hotel Locarno Roma – loved by artists, shot by film directors, written about by authors – lies just off of Piazza del Popolo and is a hidden gem in the heart of the Eternal City. Popular with locals and travelers alike, the hotel’s historic Bar, with its original Art Nouveau decor, offers a modern twist on 1920s inspired cocktails and innovative menus that maintain the love of the traditional Italian cuisine. And its Rooftop Garden provides 360-degree views over Old Rome.

Palazzo Manfredi

Next to the Colosseum, the Palazzo Manfredi is an elegant hideaway in the center of what was once imperial Rome. Built over the ruins of the Ludus Magnus, the gymnasium used by Roman gladiators, Palazzo Manfredi was the hunting pavilion of the Guidi gardens. Today, the hotel offers an intimate experience, surpassed only by a meal at the hotel’s Aroma restaurant where the unparalleled vistas of ancient Rome are beautifully matched by the culinary delights. The charming 17th century palace has spectacular views of the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Domus Aurea, all topped off with a luxury experience fit for the most discerning traveler.

Hotel Raphael

In the very heart of Rome, just nearby the vibrant Piazza Navona, this hotel offers luxurious, well-appointed rooms and stunning views. From its astonishing vine-covered façade, this magnificent "maison" will immerse you in a world of charm, few steps away from the Pantheon, The Spanish Steps and St. Peter's Church. Its rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of Rome. From St. Peter’s Basilica to the Pantheon.

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