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Top 10 Romantic Experiences to find in New Zealand

romance in new zealand

Today I'd like to introduce you to New Zealand's... Other Side. Let me clarify first. By staying "other side", you are inclined to believe there are only 2. New Zealand has more than 2 sides. In reality, there are many sides to this incredible country.

If you've looked at vacationing in New Zealand at all, followed The Lord of the Rings backdrop, or lived vicariously through others' vacations, you know that New Zealand has an adventurous reputation. And that's true. This 2 island country is loaded with a long list of active, adventure, and outdoor activities to delight many. However, you will still find plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax and fall in love!

Here are the Top 10 Romantic Experiences you will find in New Zealand

1. Go Stargazing

Gaze into the eyes of your loved one under the Southern Cross and be starstruck by New Zealand’s dark night skies. If you come during the winter, you might be lucky enough to catch the symphony of color that is the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). What an amazing sight!

2. Sail away together

Sail away together and explore the country's pristine coastline, with its paradisiacal islands and abundant marine life. Swim with dolphins in Kaikoura (a true experience of a lifetime) or sit back and relax on one of many boat cruises around New Zealand. There are several sounds to cruise in and around during your visit.

3. Bubble and balloons

Clink your Champagne glasses at dawn as your balloon lifts you quietly into an unfolding New Zealand landscape where you’ll drift away from all worldly cares. Just imagine the breathtaking views as you float away together!

4. Take a scenic flight

Soar to new heights together as you are whisked away on a scenic flight over some of New Zealand’s most astonishing and accessible alpine and coastal landscapes. Sightseeing from the sky with someone special is sure to leave you both on cloud nine. This is a must-do!

5. Take a leap of faith

Leap into the unknown from heart-stopping heights as you take a romantic tandem skydive. Soaring high in the New Zealand sky promises to get your heart racing. Not quite ready for skydiving? Take a leap from the various bungee jump locations around the islands.

6. Picnic in private

Swoop in by helicopter to a secluded spot where a gourmet picnic hamper, fine New Zealand wine (it's the best!) and an intimate setting just for two awaits your private indulgence.

7. Wander among the vineyards

Toast yourselves with a delectable local vintage as you cycle one of New Zealand’s gentle vineyard trails. New Zealand is a paradise for food and wine lovers. Some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world originates from this region.

8. Stay in a luxury lodge

Celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary in New Zealand or just want to treat someone special? Settle in for a romantic escapade in one of New Zealand’s many boutique lodges where Kiwi style and service will set the tone for a unique experience. It's the perfect way to unwind, disconnect and be pampered in a picturesque location.

9. Treat yourself to a spa

Replenish yourselves with a spa treatment for two – you can choose to go the natural way soaking in a Rotorua mud bath or opt for a full luxury pampering designed to soothe the mind, body, and soul. There are many incredible spas located all over. The natural and healing pools are a great place to explore together.

10. Go horse-riding

Saddle-up and ride off together into the dusk along an endless deserted New Zealand beach - just you, your horses and the whisper of waves lapping the sand. No rushing, no traffic. Just the two of you, a leisurely ride, and a breathtaking backdrop.

Whether you're looking for a getaway filled with romance, luxury, adventure, food and wine or culture, New Zealand is the perfect place to start! Let's create the perfect vacation, an experience of a lifetime, complete with expert planning of a certified destination specialist.

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Stephanie Cannon, Luxury Travel Agent located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has achieved Gold Status in the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Program. Contact her to design a vacation package that fits you perfectly.


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